How We Are Creating A New Earth


Our ability to create exciting new realities for ourselves and the collective is directly proportional to our ability to OPEN to who WE ARE as Divine limitless beings. 

We are pure CONSCIOUSNESS looking upon ourselves as unique iterations of Source in skin, Formless in Form. As part of this human experience of being Form, we are living in a hologram, an intricately fabricated illusion where we as Formless Source are SEPARATE. And what we’re doing here on this earth is evolving human consciousness, individually and collectively. In order to experience the illusion of separation, we as Formless Source come into individual bodies and stories becoming Form and interact within the construct of TIME and SPACE in this 3D reality. 

Outside of this 3D reality, time and space don’t exist as we know it. Instead, EVERYTHING, EVERYONE, EVERY UNIVERSE, EVERY EXPERIENCE...the INFINITE is ALL HERE NOW. It’s actually WHO WE ARE as pure CONSCIOUSNESS, PRESENCE, LOVE, JOY. 

Because we are living in this hologram, the illusion of separation, experiencing life from our LIMITED human selves, we are essentially BLIND to our true nature as Divine limitless beings. And we become programmed, habituated to only operate from our unconscious illusion of separation. 

At some point in our experience, we may choose to OPEN to who we ALREADY ARE and begin to change the PERSPECTIVE from which we live. We may choose to REPROGRAM ourselves by being PRESENT with LOVE and ACCEPTANCE to whatever arises HERE NOW. This reprogramming is facilitated by PRACTICES that shift us out of our programmed unconscious way of living, so that we can OPEN to our true nature as Source, ONE with all that IS HERE NOW. 

We may choose to practice being PRESENT and HOLDING SPACE for these parts of our human selves that feel so SEPARATE. As we OPEN through being PRESENT with LOVE and ACCEPTANCE to what’s here now, we EMBODY the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that we are. At this point, we begin to create new realities for ourselves and the collective. 

The more we WAKE UP from our unconscious human perspective and begin operating from our Divine limitless nature, the greater our ability to create from our LIMITLESS nature. We KNOW everything we need to know in THIS MOMENT. All abilities and resources are HERE NOW. This is how we create exciting new realities for ourselves and the Greater Good. 

This is how we EVOLVE HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS and create WORLD PEACE. The reason why we haven’t created world peace before now is because we have not evolved as a collective to that point yet. But it is absolutely coming. How do I know this? Because we are PEACE itself. I AM creating this as SOURCE and ONE with all of you. Together, we are Creating A New Earth!

Growing A Happy Heart

growing a happy heart.jpg

Everybody wants to be happy. Sometimes that’s just not happening. And we struggle and suffer as we navigate this human experience of feeling very SEPARATE from everything and everyone. Because we feel separate from our happiness, we go about trying to find it. So we look for it in our relationships, our work, our possessions, our experiences- all the while not realizing what we are seeking is ALREADY HERE NOW. It’s WHO WE ARE...LOVE, JOY, PEACE, NONJUDGMENTAL PRESENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS, SOURCE, ALL THAT IS.

By LOOKING FOR happiness, it may tend to ELUDE us, or if we find it, it’s fleeting because we are looking everywhere but HERE NOW. The way to grow a happy heart is to OPEN to what’s already HERE NOW.

Imagine being a flower get put in the ground and watered. Arrrg! You scream, I’m being buried alive! I’m dying! You don’t realize the first stage of growing is to experience complete darkness, death to the seed, so you can sprout.

Then you finally do sprout, and you say, Whew! I can finally breath and stretch out. This is great! But then a thunderstorm arises out of nowhere, and you scream, WTF?! as you are tossed around feeling like you will drown. Soon the storm passes, and you go to sleep. When you wake up, you notice you have grown some leaves, which you feel very proud of.

So you look around and notice other leaves and flowers too. They are much bigger and prettier than you, and you begin to feel insignificant and jealous. As nighttime comes, it gets very dark, and you start to feel afraid and alone. You say to yourself, This here being a plant is not so fun at all. In fact, it sucks!

The next day after you wake up, you notice your head has formed into a bloom. You get very curious because you have no idea what’s happening. You’re not really sure if this is a good or bad thing. After all, there’s a big ball where there wasn’t one the day before. So you start thinking again, back and forth, good or bad? All this RESISTANCE to your round bloom head is giving you a headache! Finally you give up resisting the ideas of good or bad and say, IT IS WHAT IT IS, and relax and fall asleep.

The next day, you open you eyes and say, OMG! What in the world? I AM OPENING. Check me out! I got color! I’m FANCY! Oh yeah! I AM one HAPPY flower!...because you realize no matter how afraid or alone or insignificant or jealous or confused you felt... you ARE a FREAKING FLOWER that shouts to the sun with color!

Is World Peace Even Possible?

is world peace even possible.jpg

World Peace is ENTIRELY possible because WE ARE PEACE. However as humans we are BLINDED by the illusion of separation. We can’t see the picture because we are in the frame. We can’t see the forest for the trees. We are walking through our individual journeys as Source in skin, navigating feeling separate from everything and everyone, looking around at all the corruption, crime, war, poverty, human suffering.

From our human viewpoint, world peace seems impossible and insane, and if there is a remote chance that it will happen, we feel it will be a long time coming. So some people try to cook up plans using human methods to deal with this human issue. Not gonna work that way! We cannot work within our LIMITED human logic, abilities and resources to solve problems that were created as humans to begin with.

The way we will experience world peace is by OPENING to who we ALREADY ARE. We will first do this on an individual basis, then begin operating from our true nature as ONE. We OPEN to our Divine LIMITLESS nature by BEING PRESENT with LOVE and ACCEPTANCE to whatever arises HERE NOW. As we wake up from this illusion of separation, we flow together from our limitless nature which IS PEACE. It won’t be difficult to accomplish at all because we are no longer trying to achieve something out there that is already here now. We will flow as SUPER HUMANS in the LOVE that WE ARE as ONE. This is how we create a new earth.

Thank You, Cory Roussel!

3 R2 Denise and Cory Roussel.jpg

Many of you may or may not know that my middle son Cory Roussel died in October 2014. For me, it was a powerful AWAKENING experience, and a turning point to help me do what I came here to do in this human lifetime. Cory and I have been working together for many lifetimes, and he is still very PRESENT for me, guiding me very expertly along the way.

He lived a very dramatic and profound life. To look at it, people may perceive that it was very reckless and foolish at times, but I can see now that it was very intentional and necessary. I now realize that whatever someone experiences in this lifetime, is EXACTLY what they came to heal in the collective. Along with his intense experience with addiction, homelessness, incarceration, was his powerful journey of TRANSFORMATION. And as he was going through his transformation, he brought me along with him so that he could prepare me for his exit and our continued work together. Although we did not consciously say this while he was in his body, it was as if he was my guru and still is.

This past week, I have been re-reading some of his writings and thinking about the things that he tried to relate to me when he was still alive in his body. At the time, I couldn’t understand a lot of it. Having gone through so much opening and expansion into who I AM, I can now understand what he was talking about.

What strikes me is how INCREDIBLY PROFOUND HE IS. He was light-years beyond what most of humanity can comprehend. I feel very grateful and honored to work with him. Together we’re doing amazing things! We are literally CREATING A NEW EARTH.