Your External Reality is a Reflection of Your Internal Reality

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Everything in our external reality is a reflection of our internal reality. 

 When I stop attributing my reality to the result of happenstance external factors and begin using my reality as AWARENESS of what IN ME wants my love and attention, I take back my power, transition out of victimhood and position myself to create a beautiful new reality. 

 Let me break it down: We are programmed to think that life randomly happens to us. And sometimes it just sucks to be us. Poor me. Look at all this crap I have to deal with. What’s not apparent to us is that LIFE is NOT RANDOM. In fact, we CREATE our REALITY! 

 What?! Why in the world would we do such an terrible thing like that? What are we, masochists? Actually, no. We have very specific and important reasons why we create realities that cause us suffering. What our soul is doing is allowing us to experience whatever we came here to heal. And we must experience it first before we can heal it. Generally speaking, we often loop around the same block of suffering like we are on a giant gerbil wheel. 

 Sooner or later, perhaps we get tired of the gerbil wheel of suffering, and we are ready to try something different. When this happens, we stop blaming what’s happening outside of us for our unhappiness and begin tending to the hurt parts of ourselves that have suffered so long and are asking to be healed and harmonized back into the LOVE that we are. 

 When we use everything in our external reality to help us get in touch with what in us wants our love and attention, we free ourselves to open to our LIMITLESS nature and to create exciting and beautiful new lives. 


No BS Zone

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Sometimes I am full of bullshit. It is the result of many layers of BS that have accumulated over lifetimes. It is my protection mechanism. So sometimes when I feel afraid, the BS just rises right up. 

What am I afraid of? I am afraid that you will judge me as less than you. I am afraid that you will resist and reject me. I am afraid that you won’t understand me, and I will trigger you. I am afraid to be VULNERABLE and AUTHENTIC, and therefore I am afraid to be fully PRESENT with you. That’s why I pull out the BS. I am hiding behind it, hoping you won’t see the real me. 

Seeing this, I choose to FACE my FEAR as the LOVE that we are. 

“Hello Fear, tell me all about it.”

Fear says, “I am tired of being judged, resisted, misunderstood, alone, rejected, unwanted, neglected, unimportant.”

To my Fear:

“I AM so sorry. You have suffered so much trying to protect me and help me get what you feel I need and want. Thank you for all you’ve done. You can rest now. I AM here, and I will never leave you again. You are SAFE now. From here on out, I will carry you. I love and accept you, Fear, exactly as you are.”

I have decided to declare a no BS zone. I don’t have to hide from you anymore. I choose to show up fully PRESENT, AUTHENTIC and VULNERABLE. If I feel afraid, I will continue to tend to MY fear. If you feel triggered by me, that’s okay too because I will allow you to use this as an opportunity to tend to YOUR fear. This way we stop playing games, and we HARMONIZE these parts of ourselves, which is the reason we even came here to begin with. Saying this, I feel better already. 

Fear As An Unruly Child

I have had the privilege of raising three children, and it wasn’t easy! In fact, it was one of the most challenging and humbling experiences of my life. What I didn’t realize at the time was my children were working closely with me as mirrors of myself!

When a child acts out and misbehaves, he/she is merely reacting to a fear or judgement. They experience feeling wrong, unimportant, unwanted, ignored, unsafe and so on. That exacerbates their fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, irritation, sadness, jealousy and so forth. What I didn’t realize is they are merely reflecting back to me my own fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, irritation, sadness!

I was taught to CONTROL my children by making them obey me and the rules imposed to keep them safe. I was taught that behavior was bad and good, and that bad behavior would not be tolerated.

What I didn’t know was that all that child wants is to experience nonjudgmental presence, to feel safe and loved unconditionally exactly as they are, to be seen, felt and heard as they are working through their collection of fears in this lifetime. That is what everyone wants.

I now realize that my work here is to reparent myself. My fear, like my children, wants to experience nonjudgmental presence, to feel safe and loved unconditionally exactly as she is, to be seen, felt and heard as I AM working through my collection of fears in this lifetime. I can give all of that to her as the LOVE that we are. It’s a PROCESS, one that requires AWARENESS and INTENTION. I AM essentially reprogramming my old way of parenting myself which was to CONTROL my fears through rigid rules, diets, religions, to judge and punish myself when I transgress the rules.

Instead I choose to hold nonjudgmental presence for my fear as she arises in this moment. I let her know she is SAFE, LOVED beyond measure and that there’s nothing wrong with her. We’re just going through our process of healing and harmonizing our aspect of the collective. This new way of being is graceful, loving and a whole lot easier. No more fighting myself and others. I just keep creating more peace, love and joy by loving and accepting myself in this moment.

Fears Are Often Not Rational!

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It doesn’t matter if our fears are completely irrational. They still exist and simply want our love and acceptance.
We can practice using our BREATH to HOLD and bathe our fear in LOVE. We can offer nonjudgmental presence to our fear by LISTENING to what it has to say, then assure it that ALL IS WELL, that we are SAFE.
This is how we transmute our fear back into the LOVE that it is. This is how we create a new reality for ourselves. This is how we create a new earth.