Feeling Alone, Unwanted, Inadequate?

Denise in grass.JPG

This past week I had a series of experiences where I felt completely unsupported, alone, unwanted and inadequate. I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing, that nobody cared about what I AM doing and nobody wanted to help me. What’s more is I felt resisted by several people. This put me in touch with my GRIEF and the parts of me that have suffered so much from being resisted.

When my Grief and Sadness show up, I feel such compassion and love. I literally hold myself by hugging myself. And I ask these parts of me to tell me all about it. When this happens, I feel a wave of energy go through me. My Sadness feels so supported and loved by me.

I’m actually best friends with my Sadness. It took a while for me to develop this relationship with myself, and I can honestly say it’s AMAZING. I no longer feel resistance to these parts of me that I once pushed away. As I am offering ACCEPTANCE to my sadness, it literally turns into my joy! It is my honor and privilege to harmonize these parts of myself back into the LOVE that we are.

If you’re feeling lonely, anxious, sad and tired, I totally get it. As I share my experience, it is my intention to support you on your journey. Though you feel unwanted, I WANT YOU. Though you feel alone, I AM HERE NOW WITH YOU as we are never separate. Thank you so much for your experience and what you bring to our world. I honor and respect your journey.