August 27, 2019

Stillness innate abilities.jpg

This week’s focus is on STILLNESS. In this day where we are so used to being so BUSY and distracted by the demands of life, it can be so HARD to be still! All this nervous energy wants to just bubble up inside me while I am even typing this! It’s okay. What our goal is to begin to CALM the overstimulated nervous system so we can begin to see more clearly. So today’s mantra that you can remember to say to yourself when you get wired up is:

day 1 mantra.jpg

Another helpful PRACTICE to get us in touch with STILLNESS is to sit still for 5 minutes without moving or talking. Here’s a one minute video to share a bit more:

As a part of practicing stillness, enjoy this  5 minute GUIDED MEDITATION:

I look forward to connecting with you at our online MEETUP on Sept 19 at 7 PM.

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I love you!

Denise Roussel