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It ain’t easy being human and dealing with loneliness, anxiety, sadness and being so tired. Sometimes we find ourselves so overwhelmed that we need help. I know what it’s like to feel LONELY, ANXIOUS, SAD, TIRED.

After the death of my son Cory, I felt completely overwhelmed. Yet, upon his death I also experienced a powerful awakening. Since his passing, I have: grieved the loss of a son with whom I continue to work with, as he is my guide; published 10 books, including my most recent book “Creating A New Earth: Waking Up To Who We Are”; traveled extensively; created lots of art; hosted numerous events; inspired people daily on social media. And I’ve done it all without being BUSY!

How in the world have I done that?! I have learned how to tap into my LIMITLESS nature and EMBODY the LOVE that we are by being PRESENT with LOVE and ACCEPTANCE to whatever arises. Along the way, I have developed AMAZING PRACTICES to help me do this work. I have gained POWERFUL PERSPECTIVE, since it’s so difficult to see the picture when you’re in the frame. I have learned how to LOVE and be best friends with my LONELINESS, my ANXIETY, my SADNESS, my TIRED one whenever they arise. And when I do, I transform them back into the love that we are. I AM experiencing our natural state, which is ECSTATIC JOY. I live my life gracefully, effortlessly and with ease. And I want to help you do the same!

We each have important work to do, evolving our aspect of the collective. Allow me to SUPPORT you on your journey by offering you a MEMBERSHIP into Creating A New Earth Community, a new emerging TRIBE, where you can finally receive practical tools, insightful perspective, valuable inspiration and most of all, MEANINGFUL CONNECTION to help create the BEAUTIFUL LIFE YOU LONG FOR.

Creating a New Earth Community (CANE)Membership includes:

-Weekly email with short MESSAGES and simple PRACTICES and TOOLS to EQUIP and INSPIRE you to create the amazing life you long for. (Here is a sample weekly email.)

-Monthly online interactive MEETUP with ME! Denise Roussel, where we will have an interactive experience to give you PERSPECTIVE and INSPIRATION.

-NETWORKING opportunities to experience your TRIBE through events and online.

Because I want everyone to be able to afford this, for less than the price of your Netflix account, I’m offering membership for just $9.99/month.

Sign up today and begin creating your new life! I love you!

- Denise Roussel, CANE Community Founder

Subscribe to the CANE COMMUNITY, a monthly community membership that includes unlimited access to all of these practices, messages, experiences and networking opportunities for only $9.99/month:

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